Buy a Stern Pinball Machine

Stern was founded in 1946 by Sam Stern and Harry Williams (see Williams pinball machines). While never as major a player in the pinball industry as Williams or Bally, Stern made quite a few popular and very reconizable machines.

Stern Pinball left the business in 1985 but the Stern brand has since be reincarnated by several of the legendary pinball designers who were laid-off from Williams when they chose to leave the business. Today, Stern is the only really active producer of new pinball machines, and thanks to the incredible abilities of Pat Lawlor, Steve Ritchie, and other notable designers, the new machines are both complex and beautiful.

By owning a Stern pinball machine, you can choose between the rich history of the old pinball business or grab one of the newest designs available on the market. It’s a good choice to have!