Buy a Gottlieb Pinball Machine

Founded in 1927 by David Gottlieb, the Gottlieb pinball company has made many games, some of which you’ll recognize if you spent time in the arcades or bars in the 1970s. The company has changed hands many times, but the last Gottlieb machine rolled off the assembly line in early 1996 and was called Barb Wire.

The Gottlieb solid-state machines typify the “classic” machine from the early electronic era of pinball with their sometime risque graphics and themes drawn from the pop culture of the era (space themed machines, for example). Since Gottlieb has not made pinball machines for over a decade, the popular machines are getting increasingly scarce. If you have a particular Gottlieb pinball machine you want, don’t wait around too long or the price might increase as they become more collectible.